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This might be the best image ever captured

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twisty58 3 months ago

Love this! Netanyahu is a scream!

rektspec 3 months ago

So precisely relevant and to the point.

BlackEagle 3 months ago

Well u have a Rothschild Zionist shill Netanyahu standing next to Merkel, and is clearly aware of her history considering the destruction she's put Germany through, and the 4 men alive today that can confirm all of this, and 3 of which alive and involved in the decision making process back in the fifties when this took place were George Soros (Schwartz) David Rockefeller, and Jacob Rothschild. Vladimir Putin was a young KGB agent in the late 70's early 80's and knew of this truth. A ROTHSCHILD ITS THE ONLY MEMBER OF ANY FAMILY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IN ANY PARLIAMENT TO HOLD A PERMANENT SEAT ON THE ISRAELI SUPREME HIGH COUNCIL. The shadow trick is just God's sense of humor and to awaken you to reality

BlackEagle 3 months ago

Angela Merkel's proclaimed father is the inventor of the modern day practice of artificial intelligence. He He worked under Dr. Mengele with the Nazi's when he was a young scientists studying biological engineering. He saved a sample of Hitler's sperm and placed it in a freezer outside of Bavaria buried near Hitler's famous Wolf's Den Retreat. When the Soviets captured him he was sentenced to 30 years and only did 7 due to the Soviet Union deeming him too valuable of an asset to die behind bars. KGB documents released in 1976, revealed that he released the location of the freezer that contained Hitler's sperm, to which in 1956 Angela Merkel was born (I might have her exact birth year off but I'll put a video link in) to her true birth mother, since you can't grow a baby in a test tube, and was the first artificial insemination successful human birth in history....and it was not a boy, but a girl, Adolf Fucking Hitler's Daughter......A Bastard Rothschild.....

OvenShovel 3 months ago

It never ends...

3 months ago



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